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Statistics - day two

Now my youtube channel starting to get some traffic which is really great. I did manage to get 100 views yesterday (which was my goal), the current viewdata is 160 so i'm pleased. Today i hope i will reach 500 views but i don't know what to upload so if you got any good video contact me!

OH i almost forgot, one awesome thing happened yesterday, i've got a subscriber to my channel or as we say in Sweden "En prenumerant". It's really gratifying that people starting to appreciate my uploads. Therefor i'm going to celebrate a little with a competition. I will give out information later today and publish it in a new post.

Thanks for reading!

Statistics - first day

The start has turned out to been a little slow with only 43 views. Hopefully i will reach 100 views today. I'm planning to upload 3 videos in different categories today, fact, movie and in music. What i can se right now is that movie trailers have a pretty high search rate 29 of my 43 view are from the trailer.

The blog turned out more successful than i thought, 31 unique visitors and 97 pages was shown. I'm glad of that result and hope that some of you will return.

I would like to finnish this contribution by saying that i updated my youtube channel design so check it out, it matches the blog!

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