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Statistics - day two

Now my youtube channel starting to get some traffic which is really great. I did manage to get 100 views yesterday (which was my goal), the current viewdata is 160 so i'm pleased. Today i hope i will reach 500 views but i don't know what to upload so if you got any good video contact me!

OH i almost forgot, one awesome thing happened yesterday, i've got a subscriber to my channel or as we say in Sweden "En prenumerant". It's really gratifying that people starting to appreciate my uploads. Therefor i'm going to celebrate a little with a competition. I will give out information later today and publish it in a new post.

Thanks for reading!

High quality pays off

Quality is also one of the variables in the sum of getting alot of visitors and viewers. Good quality is important if you, once agian, want returning visitors. It doesn't matter if it's text quality or quality of a videoclip or even quality of your pictures. You will be taken more serious if you can present your material with class.

Rule number three: The quality of your material is important if you want to be taken seriously!

Statistics - first day

The start has turned out to been a little slow with only 43 views. Hopefully i will reach 100 views today. I'm planning to upload 3 videos in different categories today, fact, movie and in music. What i can se right now is that movie trailers have a pretty high search rate 29 of my 43 view are from the trailer.

The blog turned out more successful than i thought, 31 unique visitors and 97 pages was shown. I'm glad of that result and hope that some of you will return.

I would like to finnish this contribution by saying that i updated my youtube channel design so check it out, it matches the blog!

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