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Weird clips attract viewers

Weird isn't bad, it isn't bad at all. Weird things makes people talk and your clip will spread like seed in the wind. Weird media are a great way to reach out to a large public, it starts the desirable domino effect. The community today is built so that people absolutely have to seek social contact. A good way to make contact is by talking, but subjects it often hard to find. Here our theme is checking in. Something weird is easy and interesting to deal with, a success, the domino effect is starting!

Example of a weird videoclip

Fun brings attention

Funny things like parodies and comedies is lighthearted entertainment. Today youths are generally lazy and something that doesn't require their brain to work it "soft". My second upload is therefor a fun and entertaining video. Hopefully it'll bring a couple of hundred views and maybe some publicity. I'm still in the trail stadium of my uploads. With this clip i'm trying to see what the watchers, "youtubers", want. This should probably fit well but it's a low search rate for the title so it's not a winner. The search for the perfect clip continues!

Rule number two: To get people involved is important if you want to have returning visitors. They should feel relaxed and just enjoying the situation. It'll make them come back and your first followers are in place.

Good luck remember that connection is important!

First clip - First rule

The first clip is now uploaded and i decided to make a test upload. This upload isn't optimal if you want to get many views but i wanted to try if it's profitable to write and spend some time on the descriptions and meta datas. Hopefully it will make the clip standing out from the rest and i will get more search hits than the others. But there are already videos like mine uploaded who have a couple of thousand views which will make my clip a bit harder to find.

Rule number one in how to get famous is: Be first or be unique. This is vital for getting famous and in my case getting views. Find your own ideas, spread them and reach the first milestone in your new life as a celebrity.

Check out my first clip and watch my description, do you prefer a description with more details or should i just keep it short?

The road starts here


Thanks for checking in my new project. In here i will post my new videos and my statistics on youtube. My mission is to end up with 10 000 000 views on youtube, before new years eve. Impossible? I don't think so. With a lot of engagement and strategic uploads i will succeed!

Check out my blog every day i will present new videos and strategies but also how to think and how to do when you want to get many views and get famous not only on youtube, but also in blogs or other public sites.

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